Manufacturing has always been at the heart of the city region’s economy; from our excellence in ship-building through to the production of one of the world’s leading motor vehicles. We’re famous for the quarter of a million cars made here each year. We’re known for the hundreds of global brands that are made here. But we’re not only making things here; we’re making them better, greener, safer and more efficient.



LCR WEB IMAGES-04From the creative sparks imagining new materials and processes; to the geniuses designing cars and ships. From the innovators making solar panels and wind turbines; to the chemists discovering new drugs and the scientists rolling back frontiers. In factories, science parks and university laboratories; in every corner of this great manufacturing region; we are creating something special.

Thanks to our great schools, colleges and universities, Liverpool City Region has a rich seam of future engineering talent that will join an existing workforce.

Our city region has produced innovative Skills for Growth agreements for our key sectors which reflect a unique and innovative joint working between public, private and academic organisations to address current and future skills needs. A great example of this skills partnership in action can be seen at Wirral Met College, where more than 1,000 employers are engaged in ensuring that the curriculum portfolio matches the demands of local businesses.



This is a friendly and open place. People here work best when they work together. For us, open innovation isn’t a management theory, it’s a way of life around here. Our sense of community and solidarity runs deep. We attract manufacturers from around the world and bring them together in collaborative environments to build better products and services.

Across Liverpool City Region and the wider North West there are strong clusters of activity in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Chemicals, Biotechnology, Energy and Food and Drink. You’ll find a diverse range of industry networks that bring global OEMs together with supply-chain companies, university research institutes and government agencies in a collaborative way.



This is a place with spirit, pride and passion. We’re independent and we never shy from challenging the status quo. When someone says it can’t be done; we’ll find a way; when things need changing and new models are required, you’ll find us right there at the forefront of innovation and change.

Our region is bursting full of innovators and entrepreneurs that are revolutionising their industries. Not only will you find individuals and creators; we also have the right infrastructure to nurture and support them.

The role of government agencies and academic partners in creating the right environment to facilitate and encourage innovation is essential. Across the city region there is a proactive approach to champion change and to harness the benefits of industrial and digital transformation.



So many major manufacturers and innovative start-ups choose to locate and invest in Liverpool City Region because of the many cost and productivity advantages when compared to other regions. The cost of land and property is extremely competitive here and operating costs are among the most favourable in the UK.

But it’s not just about lower costs though. Our workers are highly productive too. Liverpool led the UK in productivity growth between 2004-2012 with a 34% increase. Economic output per job in advanced manufacturing is £47,305 - this is 7% higher than the UK average. And we’re not done growing. The advanced manufacturing sector is set to grow 22% over the next 10 years in Liverpool City Region, compared to 19% nationally.

The area’s location and key infrastructure assets make it an ideal base for international manufacturers. Proximity to OEMs in automotive, aerospace, chemicals, energy and construction offer opportunities for strong engineering supply-chains; while access to UK and international customers is made easier thanks to our growing ports, road and rail links and airports.

But most importantly of all, we’ve got the people that your business needs. A tenth of the city region’s workforce is aged 16-19, that is above the national average. A fifth of the working age population is in their twenties. You’ll find a young and dynamic workforce here, that’s developing future engineering skills through apprenticeships, schools, colleges and university programmes.

The bottom line: Liverpool City Region is a profitable and productive place for innovative manufacturers.

For more information on advanced engineering and manufacturing (AEM) in Liverpool City Region, download the brochure here.